Friday, December 21, 2007

Mitchell Report in the HOF?

This week’s poll question asked if MLB’s Mitchell Report belongs in the baseball hall of fame.

I believe it’s an historic document that helps to define the late ‘80s to the mid ‘00s era and belongs in the HOF. We can’t put *s on the records or backspace over the numbers that were calculated. However, I think we need to explain why the numbers ballooned faster than Rosie O’Donnel at a buffet.

The HOF should include the report as one of the reasons offensive numbers skyrocketed and why the Rocket Roger Clemens’ ERA stats plummeted. It should be recorded as the main bullet point of reasons why offense stats are higher in the era - other reasons include smaller ball parks and expansion.

I emailed the Baseball Hall of Fame to see if the report will be included and if so, where it would be displayed. I’ll provide their reply unless they post their answers here.

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JRJ said...

It's not every day that the baseball Hall of Fame calls, but Freddy from the HOF called me Friday afternoon.
- The Mitchell Report is NOT on display, but is in their archive library for research purposes.
- There are no plans to display the report.
- A copy of the Dowd Report (Pete Rose gambling report) is in the library thanks to a donation a few years ago.