Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Match Your Football Autograph to the Correct Helmet

Some research and can add authenticity to your collection.

You wouldn’t get Joe Montanna’s autograph on a Chargers helmet?

You wouldn’t get Jim Brown’s autograph on a Steelers helmet?

So why do people consistently get autographs on helmets that the players never wore?

Before the player grips the sharpie, make sure you are getting him to sign the correct helmet.

In the last 50 years, the helmet styles have change drastically in the NFL - from leather to hard shells, and from lucite fase masks to full cages. You can really improve the authentic look of your autograph collection by using a helmet/face mask that your player would have worn. does a ton of research on the players’ helmets and work with Riddell to recreate authentic truly throwback helmets.

For example: Art Donovan is a Hall of Fame player for the Colts. You could get his autograph on a current Colts helmet and it would look fine. But what if you got his autograph on a ’54 Colts helmet (dark blue with white horseshoes - see picture) and with his lucite face mask? Another example would be Roger Staubach. The helmets he wore in the ‘70s with Dallas and previously with Navy are very different than the current Cowboys and Navy helmets.

I don’t work for Helmet Hut, but I’ve used their research and products. I’ve also seen their helmets used at autograph shows. Take a look at their samples on Their helmet prices are comparable to the current authentic NFL helmets.

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