Monday, December 10, 2007

Make Your Collection Unique

I went to the MAB show in NJ this weekend and saw some great examples of people making their collections unique and (maybe) more valuable.

Catcher’s Clubs
I saw two guys that had catcher themed autographs. They were getting HOF (or soon to be) catchers to sign a chest protector and shin guard. I thought this was very cool because of how different it is. Everyone gets baseballs or helmets signed (myself included), but how many collections have you seen with a catcher’s shin guard autographed by Carlton Fisk, Gary Carter, Pudge Rodriguez and Mike Piazza! Those four are probably in the top 5 of all-time catchers. (I reserve the #1 for Josh Gibson.) This is a great example of making your collection unique and valuable.

Baseball Hit Clubs
One guy had baseball bat themes. He had a 1,500 RBI bat, a 3,000 hit bat, and a few others. So every time a player reached that mark, he got the player autograph on the bat. Think of the names that are on those bats!

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Troy said...

I like the idea of having alternative things to have autographed. I'll have to start doing that. You're right about everybody having bats and balls, jerseys and helmets. Time for cleats, shoulder pads, bases, and gloves.