Friday, December 14, 2007

Does the Mitchell Report Damage Memorabilia Value?

I've read a lot on the web about card/memorabilia values taking a dive following the Mitchell Report. Beckett even has a temporary blog where paranoid collector's are discussing changing their retirement plans because of the impending crash of Clemens rookie card values! :) Whether you the report is a good idea or a bad idea - I don't see values taking a long-term dive.

In the short run, you may see some sell-off by collector's that have a short-term view or don't want the cards due to moral outrage. But over the long-term, I think the card values of Clemens and Bonds will bounce back and climb just as the cards of Pete Rose and Joe Jackson.

Pete's 1963 Topps has a low Beckett card value of $600 and Joe Jackson's are around $1,000. Would their cards be worth more if they were in the HOF? Maybe, but I don' think they are suffering because they are not in the HOF.

For those looking for a discount on Bonds, Clemens and Todd Hundley (yeah right), this could be an opportunity to buy some of their cards cheaper due to their short-term dip.

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Troy said...

Great point! I'll have to see if I can get my hands on any discounted cards from the roids bin.