Monday, December 3, 2007

Dallas Triumph Show Run Poorly

I was in town to see some family and catch the game, so we decided to check out the Triumph Sports Football Spectacular Show in Dallas. Wow... the organizers could really use some help!

The whole ticket process was a cluster. Before even standing in line to get an autograph, I had to stand in three separate lines! One line for a show ticket, one line for an autograph ticket, and one line for a authentication ticket. What? Why not put the booths next to each other? Why not get your autograph ticket and authentication ticket at the same spot? And why were the booths at the opposite side of the hall from the autograph booth? No one from Triumph or Provo looked at the user experience.

Triumph workers were arrogant and offered zero information. As a promoter you need to have full disclosure.

  • Find out why someone is running late, when the guest will arrive, and when you'll have new information. Their "I have no idea" answer isn't good enough for someone waiting to spend their money on your services.
  • If every guest is 30 minutes after the first day, then it's probably a good idea to get people 30 minutes sooner the next day. Brilliant.
  • Complaining about the set-up of the show on Day 1 doesn't make your company look good. Triumph people were saying they didn't like the stage set up.... so why not change it? Comparing the problems of their Dallas show to their show in NJ (on the first day) isn't a good idea. It shows me that Triumph didn't put any work in to preparing for this show and doesn't seem to care to fix it.
  • Attitude. From the moment I got my ticket, no one at Triumph was helpful. I actually had to ask someone to find out an answer because all of us were asking it. The Triumph employee was satisfied with "I don't know" as an answer. We were not.
I don't know if I'll go to another Triumph show. I'd rather spend my autograph money with companies that actually seem to care about the collector's experience. Triumph made MAB, CSA, and Mounted Memories look like real professionals. I've been to several autograph shows where players cancel, or run late. These things happen. The promoter cannot control that, but the promoter can control their customer's experience in dealing with those issues. Triumph needs to learn that lesson.

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