Thursday, December 27, 2007

Top 10 Sports Returns of 2007

As we enter the 'returns' season of 2007, what returns for store credit should teams get for purchases made in 2007? Here's a Top 10 List:
10. Greg Oden - This year's #1 NBA pick by Portland won't play a single minute.
9. Eric Gagne - How many prospects did Boston give up so Gagne could throw gas on the 8th inning flames?
8. Brady Quinn - The Browns gave up this year's first round pick for someone to hold the clipboard.
7. Larry Johnson - The KC Chiefs would like store credit for overpaying LJ whom couldn't finish the season.
6. Mitchell Report - What did it tell us that we didn't already know?
5. Upper Deck Black - This was way overpriced and underperformed... much like #7.
4. Norv Turner - Replaced Marty (a 14-2 coach last year) and took half the season to find LT in his backfield.
3. JaMarcus Russell - The Raiders couldn't sign the #1 NFL Draft Pick in time to make more that one NFL start this year.
2. Florida Marlins Season Tickets - Are people actually paying for these?
1. Roger Clemens - What did the Yankees get for their $22 million half season?

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