Monday, December 31, 2007

Collecting Morality

The previous poll question focused on the morality of memorabilia and autograph collecting. Can you separate the off-the-field issues with players/celebrities enough to justifying paying for their autograph?

No one is more polarizing in the hobby than OJ. He’s done some rare appearances since found guilty in a civil suit involving the ’94 murders. Each time the debate heats up about why collectors should pay to get his autograph? In this poll, the majority said they would pay for OJ’s autograph.

The Fidel Castro autograph card is another example. How many people can play minor league baseball and run a small island country?

Where do you draw the line? If you’re against getting an OJ autograph because of his trial, then are you also against having a Ty Cobb autograph because of his race relations (or lack there of). What about Pete Rose’s autograph because of gambling on baseball and tax issues? Do you refuse Kobe Bryant’s autograph because he cheated on his family? Would you pay for Lawrence Taylor’s autograph despite is multiple drug use violations?

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