Friday, December 28, 2007

More Self-Promoting Than SportsCenter?

I didn't think it was possible to be more self-promoting that ESPN SportsCenter, but I found a challenger!

If you thought the ESPYs were shameless way to self promote, then this one will really get you going. McFarlane Sports Figurines is having their 5th annual Action Figure Awards.

You can vote online and through their message boards on categories such as: best series, best pose, best likeness, and best legends figure.

I think Todd McFarlane is awesome – his artistic abilities are amazing (I have his autograph on a S.B. XL mini helmet), but a series of awards to promote your own product? It's one thing if a 3rd party industry publication did the awards and included other figurine production lines, but you can't have your own and expect anyone with intelligence to take that seriously!

From a collection standpoint, I think the McFarlane figures were (at first) very cool. They had limited production runs, cool variants, and were reserved for the elite athletes in sports.

But they became too retail and it seemed that nearly every athlete named to an all-star team was molded into a McFarlane figure. It’s no longer exclusive and rare.

Does Matt Leinart deserve to have two collector’s edition figure? What has he done other than date Paris Hilton - and that's a club about as exclusive as the White Pages!

Maybe next year I can have my own awards: Favorite SportsLocker rant, Favorite Collector’s Idea, Worst spell-checked entry, and the Entry With Most Screwed Up English Language Usage!


Wax Heaven said...

Poor Todd and his worthless $3 million dollar Mark McGwire ball!

JRJ said...

Good call!
Doesn't he own the McGwire and Bonds #70 or 73 baseball too?

I saw him at the Super Bowl 40 NFL Experience. He was really cool to everyone, talked sports, and even about his fantasy league teams... but his product has jumped the shark!