Friday, May 30, 2008

Autograph Collecting Dilema - Which Helmet? Dallas or TCU?

I'm preparing for the CSA Show in Chantilly, VA in July but can't decide what autograph to get? I collect mostly Dallas players and that includes both Dallas Texans franchises (the ones that moved to Baltimore and KC).

Len Dawson is signing at the show and he's a former Dallas Texan (see picture of helmet). But Bob Lilly is also signing at the CSA Show which leads to my dilema. I'm a Bob Lilly fan and thought it would look great to get a 1960 TCU helmet made by Helmet Hut.

Ugh! Which helmet do I get?!


Anonymous said...

For Len Dawson, I would go with a KC Chiefs helmet. He won a super bowl mvp in that uniform and having a signed kc helmet would be nice!

JRJ said...

Thanks for the post and checking out the blog. Dawson with a Chiefs helmet is a great piece for a collection. And you're right, he's more known for his Chief days, but I'm working on some old Dallas Texans things and he's probably the most recognized of the pre-Chief Dallas Texans. I think the previous Dallas Texans moved to Baltimore.... that team included Art Donovan and Gino Marchetti.

Tough call though... I really like Bob Lilly too.

Thanks for checking out the blog.

JRJ said...

I ordered the Dallas Texans helmet. I'll ask Dawson for a "'62 AFL Champs" inscription. I'll blog more about my ordering experience later - hopefully I'll get it this week.