Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What Will This Kid Do if Brett Favre Comes out of Retirement?

I think everyone has had a lucky shirt he played ball in, a lucky hat, or a lucky pair of... whatever. This kid takes it to the extreme!

After 1,561 straight days - he's taking off his Brett Favre jersey. That's amazing. Think about it - he's worn that jersey every Christmas Day and Birthday since 2004.

I give the kid credit, he probably suffered countless wedgies and taunting for wearing the same shirt every day to school for four years. I know he would have suffered in my school.

I heard that when he finally took off his jersey and threw it across the room a NY Giants defensive caught it and ran with it to Phoenix.

Seriously - it would be cool if Brett Favre heard about this and sent the kid a real jersey that fits. Or an Aaron Rodgers jersey!


Troy said...

I heard his mom washed it every-other day and, they live in Connecticut! What is a cheesehead doing in the north-east?

We had names for kids like this when I was young... I believe it's pronounced D-O-R-K.

Now, I need to give my Marino jersey to my wife so she can wash it and I can wear it for the 2nd day in a row. 2000 days later maybe i can get on SportCenter and PTI.

JRJ said...

That's not the same Marino jersey from your 8th birthday is it??