Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How Would the Yankees Have Treated Joe Torre?

What if Joe Torre had accepted the Yankees one year managerial contract offer?

How would things have been different if Joe Torre, not Joe Girardi, was the manager of a team that is:

  • Playing .500 baseball
  • In fourth place in the AL East
  • Trails Tampa Bay in the standings
  • Four games out of first place in the division
Would Joe Torre still have a job? How would he have been treated by the NY Daily News and NY Post? I think reporters for the Daily News and Post would be making daily calls to the Steinbrenner/Cashman clan about the manager's job status.

What if Torre was the manager and Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes were struggling like this? The NY media and ESPN would be all over him and We'd hear all kinds of cries about Torre's inability to work with young pitchers.

I'm not a Yankees fan - I'm just making an observation and wondering if Joe Girardi's honeymoon in the Bronx is about to end?

Update May 14:
What do you know. . . Baby Boss Hank Steinbrenner is now ripping the Yanks. Here's a link to Wednesday's NY Post.

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