Monday, May 19, 2008

Howard Hop-a-Long Cassady OSU Autograph Signing

Some autographs add to the look of your collection and some enhance the look to your collection. This "Hop-a-Long" Cassady autograph enhances a collection.

I went with a friend to a Hop-a-Long signing Friday night by Cardboard Memories at the Buckeye Store in Polaris Mall. This picture shows why this is an autograph that enhances a collection. Cassady signed an official Ohio State University throw-back helmet (made by HelmetHut) from the 1954-55 season.

Of course, a signature of a 50's Heisman trophy winner would great on almost anything: football, current mini helmet, or a current OSU full-size helmet. But look at how much more authentic and unique this piece is because of the helmet.

Cardboard Memories did good job running the show. Except the line was a first-come-first-serve style. I think the numbering system (based on when you bought the autograph ticket) is better. Most of the line was outside the store and they allowed 5 people to enter at one time. Once inside they did a good job of keeping things moving, allowing anyone to have a picture taken with Cassady and giving you a free COA sticker.

Hop-a-long was nice to everyone, he didn't say too much to the guests, but he was very courteous with people posing for pictures. Especially with the guy in front of me who couldn't figure out how to turn his camera on!

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