Friday, May 2, 2008

Down Goes Joe Frazier with the FansEdge Webcast Autographs

Who is doing the email marketing campaign with FansEdge?

I'm on the FansEdge email list, I've bought from them and StarsLive 365 in the past, and I did the Pete Rose event earlier this year. So why am I getting an email for the Joe Frazier autographcast with barely 24 hours to react? The Frasier signing is Friday, May 2, at 4:00pm ET.

Does anyone over there have a marketing background? FansEdge should send the email to their subscriber list and any other list rentals two or three weeks before the event and a follow-up email to people who registered a few days before. I shouldn't be getting my first notification about this the day before.

FansEdge should also give fans the opportunity to watch the autographcast without making a purchase. Then while watching Frazier sign, if they decide to make a purchase, then speak to a customer service associate.

Heck, lets take this a step further. When Frazier is signing autographs for the dealers and private signings, make it a web chat. Let someone sit and type next to Joe and ask him questions that people can submit.

This has a lot of potential - but based on the e-marketing campaign for the Frazier event, I'm not convinced FansEdge and StarsLive 365 can raise it to the level the web event should be.

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