Thursday, September 25, 2008

$869 for the Shea Seats that Watched the Mets Collapse (Again)

The NY Mets are selling the last of their Shea Stadium seats. For $869 you can buy two seats (in red and green, orange and blue are sold out).

Perhaps Omar and his fat new 4 year contract can also throw in a tryout for the bullpen if you buy the seats. Just think of the history those seats have seen . . . in the last two years! They've been the best seats for watching some of the best choke jobs in the history of the game. Unbelievable - and I'm a Mets fan!

Why $869? The price is a combination of the World Series years for the Mets (1986 and 1969). After this season's September failure, maybe they price them for the last two years the Mets fell apart $07.08 (2007 and 2008).

The Mets web site adds: The Mets will donate their portion of the net proceeds to the Mets Foundation. The Mets Foundation funds and promotes a variety of charitable causes, including educational, social and athletic programs for young people in the community.

If the Mets can get that money for a stadium with 2 championships, what will the Yankee Stadium seats go for?

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