Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Yankee Stadium Souvenir

Dirt! Yes, dirt. I haven't been to Yankee Stadium too often, but in 2002 I took one of the stadium tours.

The tour took the group in the dugout and on the warning track on the field. I was able to sit in Joe Torre's dugout seat, run into the outfield wall, and stroll through monument park. It wasn't a baseball experience... it was a history lesson.

During my walk around the outfield I scooped up some warning track dirt in right field, center field, and left field. I used a film container (yes, I was late to enter the digital camera age) to hold the dirt.

Once I got home, I poured the dirt into this jar (see picture). I know, it may not be as cool as a stadium seat or a foul pole (see Shea Stadium entry), but it's my piece of Yankee Stadium and my piece of history.


deal said...

That souvenir is better than a stadium seat. actual dirt from the playing field - that's awesome. might not out rank a foul pole, but where would you keep that.

Brian said...

Extremely Cool. What a great memory. Think of all of the players that sat in that dugout... WoW!!!

JRJ said...

Brian & deal - Thank you.
I thought the dirt was a real geek thing, but then I saw Don Larsen picking up dirt from the pitcher's mound last night!

Sitting in the dugout, you could really see the crown of the field. It was really cool.