Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Minor League Ball Parks Leave Their Mark Too

Our stadium focus is primarily centered on professional stadiums closing, but there are plenty of minor league parks in the last 10 years that have also closed for good. While most of the public seem to act like barracuda going after the next shiny object that catches their eyes, I think we lose a little bit of our baseball soul when we close some minor league stadiums.

Last week the Columbus Clippers played their last game in Cooper Stadium. Next year they will be moving a shiny new downtown ball park with a spectacular corporate sponsor name (Huntington Park)!

I went to the Sunday afternoon (9/7) game which was the stadium's second to last game.
To me, there isn't necessarily anything wrong with their current home. No, it's not fancy, downtown, or loaded with new baseball marketing events. It's a normal field, 5 minutes from downtown, with decent seats for a good price. But that isn't good enough anymore I suppose.

I emailed the Columbus Clippers - they said the old Cooper Stadium was in the process of being sold to a developer who is looking to change the stadium to a short race track site. The Clippers official then referred me to the local paper for more information. (Feel free to insert your own joke here about a team official referring me to a media outlet for information on the team.)

Jim Massie of the Columbus Dispatch wrote a great column about the closing of Cooper Stadium. This is a must read for baseball fan.

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