Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Koyie Hill Returns to Cubs After Battle With Saw

Baseball's September call-ups can bring stories normally reserved for the for small paragraphs in the sports section to the front page of the paper. Koyie Hill's return to the majors is inspiring front page news.

Ten months ago Hill nearly lost three fingers and his right thumb in a fight with a table saw! I joke, but the accident could have done more than ruin his baseball career. It could have altered his way of life if not for the miraculous work of his doctors.

Doctor's were able to reattach all four fingers after they were taken off by the table saw.

Hill had a cup of coffee with the team last September and after a long road of recovery, he's back with the team this year too.

Hill's an inspiration to anyone that deals or has dealt with adversity in life.

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