Friday, September 12, 2008

Shea Stadium is Warming Up the Wrecking Ball

For a price, Mets fans get a private tour of Shea Stadium to begin calling "Dibbs" on pieces of the old park. Thanks to Amazin' Stories for posting this on their blog.

This Dibbs process is just like the scenario that plays out when a coworker is leaving the company. After the initial shock, people slowly start to look at that person's desk for things they'd like to take. Soon, post-it notes start popping up on staplers, tape dispensers, calendars, and other useless work items!

If you join the MeiGray Group Premier Club for a $2,500 minimum purchase deposit, you can have a private tour of Shea next week to view thousands of items that will be for sale (lockers, signs, etc.). Of course, you have to be at Shea Stadium next week to be a part of the dibbs process.

I called MeiGray Group today and their customer service was great. After the Premier Club tour, the remainder of the Shea Stadium items will be go to a public sale on or the MeiGroup web site.

I guess this MeiGray Group deal would explain why Steiner never returned my call. MeiGray is going to send me a catalog of items that do not sell when the tour is over. If you're interested, call 888-463-4472.

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