Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shea Baseball Autograph Project

I'm starting another a mini autograph project later this month. I bought a few of the "Final Season at Shea Stadium" baseballs.

My goal is to get autographs of the players who had the last of some Shea Stadium accomplishments:

  • - Win
  • - Save
  • - Hit
  • - RBI
  • - HR

I'd like to get them all on one of the Shea baseballs. That way, the baseball would tell a story of the last game at Shea. Of course, the Mets have to win to for this project to be relevant, but they only have to play a weak Florida Marlins team. I'm pretty sure the McDonald's near my work has a higher payroll than the Marlins.

My other final season at Shea baseballs will probably go to Gary Carter, Mookie Wilson, and Tom Seaver for autographs.


deal said...

A lot of things can happen between now and Sunday. And if the Mets get into the playoffs - there are all kinds of other last gm possibilities.

Having a visitor sign the ball isn't all bad either. I think Brian Roberts is somehow proud of being the last batter ever at Yankee Stadium.

JRJ said...

Deal - Good call on the Brian Roberts autograph, that would be a good idea - thank you. If you were an O's fan, would you get a Brian Roberts autograph on a Yankee Stadium baseball? I think it could look pretty cool.

If I wasn't in the middle of another Mets collapse, I'd probably be fine with getting a visiting players autograph on it if they beat the Mets that day. But since that game could be a big one for the Mets, I might end up throwing that baseball as far as I can! (and with better velocity than the Mets bullpen!)

Thanks again.