Friday, February 27, 2009

Birth of Superman for Auction - Action Comics #1

You can start placing bids for Action Comics #1 starting today! This is to comic books what the Honus Wagner card is for trading cards.

Action Comics #1 first introduced to Superman and is estimated to be worth over 100K. The seller bought it in 1950 for 35 cents.

How much will Todd McFarlane bid on this?!

Check out for more on the comic's relevance in the hobby.

Update: As of Monday, March 2: the bid is up to $276,000! The auction ends on Friday.


William Noetling said...

Actually, Action #1 is more like, well, hmm...I dunno, but the Honus Wagner comparison isn't right. There's what, a half dozen Wagners in existence today, and they were only produced in the hundreds to begin with? Yeah Action Comics #1 had a press run in the MILLIONS when it was published, it's only because of the piss-poor paper and the thousands of mothers who tossed away comic collections that it's worth so much.

Sure, there might only be a handful of truly MINT copes of Action #1 left, but there are hundreds more out there in all sorts of other conditions. They aren't THAT hard to find.

There ARE some comics out there from the same era which have smaller print runs and could be compared to the Wagner in terms of worth

I doubt McFarlane would bother to bid on this comic, I'm sure he has one already, if not more than one. I've seen Action #1s for sal at pretty much every major convention I've ever attended.

JRJ said...

Thanks William - I know you're a big comic fan. I actually read there are only 100 of these around today.,2933,509225,00.html