Friday, May 15, 2009

The Baseball Card Movie - Summer Blockbuster?

If you like all the box break videos, this little movie might be for you. What do you think?

Thanks to Awful Announcing and BBTF for the link.


Spud said...

This whole video was ... interesting. I think it covers the spectrum of card shop visitors well. As a whole, it makes me hugely sad. The hobby WILL absolutely die with such a focus on high-dollar items rather than the "50-cent packs" many of us remember in the 80's (or even cheaper for the older readers).

It's sad. I love baseball cards and wish the hobby wasn't faced with this sort of trouble.

JRJ said...

Spud - I agree - thanks for the comments.

The price of packs brings some difficulty to get kids involved. It's videos/movies like this that push me to the older cards. I don't want to spend the big $ on the lottery pack system. I'd rather spend it on an autograph or card that I really want, instead rolling the dice on an expensive pack.