Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LeBron James Signing at The National?

I'm still waiting for the "wow" autograph guest from TriStar to be announced. LeBron James would be perfect!

Sure, this National has Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Jim Brown, and Gayle Sayers but these guys have been around the autograph block more than a few times. I want someone new, someone exciting and someone "wow." What guest could TriStar bring who hasn't been at numerous shows in the last year?

LeBron James! He's the face of the NBA, the league MVP, and is probably more important to the city of Cleveland than anyone today. Imagine the excitement and crowds if King James were signing autographs? That's who the TriStar needs to bring in.

OK - it's a long shot, I know. So here are some other guests that would be "wow" guests:
  • Jose Canceco
  • Kirk Radomski
  • Selena Roberts
  • Bill Cowher
  • John Madden
I wouldn't mind seeing some popular baseball authors from the past year too.

I'm looking forward to the National, but I'm getting a little nervous that this one won't be any different than the show in Cleveland a couple of years ago. Maybe it's just me, but in the middle of recession, I'm a little more careful with my hobby dollars. I'm guessing others are like this too. We're about 9 weeks away - so I guess we'll find out soon.

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unclemoe said...

Has Jose ever done a Tristar show? He does lots of others. Now would be a good time to bring him to the National.