Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beckett's Hobby Hook-up and the Awkward Pillow Talk

Beckett's Hobby Hook Up was a one night fling.

Beckett confirmed with me yesterday that due to feedback, the scheduled romance with Leah Shafer would not continue. Last month Beckett Media announced the "Hobby Hook Up" on their blog and the majority of the comments on their blog and this one seemed to be against the idea.


Gellman said...

I think we file this one under "worst ideas ever."

It doesnt matter, I still have everything saved for future use...

Anonymous said...


The truth, that idea never got off the ground because they fired the guy who came up with the idea, and more importantly, was friends with Ms. Schafer.

His job is going to some guy in India.

Anonymous said...

PS -- his name is Andrew Tolentino, loyal and longtime Beckett employee. (sorry that was left out).

JRJ said...

Anon - He was fired for one bad idea? That's not real incentive for anyone to else to stick their neck out and try new things.

Anonymous said...

No, he was not fired over the idea. Sorry that impression was given.

He was fired so the new SOB owner of Beckett could send his job overseas.

He fired most of the staff, actually. There is one editor left, Chris Olds, one pricing analyst per sport (incredibly stupid) and a bunch of morons who know NOTHING about our hobby running the show.

Tracy Hackler is the only management-type left who knows ANYTHING about cards.