Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best Baseball Autograph Inscriptions

I've always said, it's the inscription that can really make an autograph baseball unique. This Mickey Mantle one is the best... no wonder the family paid $2,700 for it and deny it is real.

Here's a cool story of some of the more memorable baseball autograph inscriptions out there.

Here are some I'd like to see!
- I'm sorry I took fertility drugs - Manny Ramirez

- I'm sorry for everything Jeter ever said about me - Alex Rodriguez

- F--- Face - Billy Ripken

- Nolan - I'm sorry I charged the mound - Robin Ventura

- Robin - I'm sorry I pounded on your face - N. Ryan

Thanks BBTF.


Larry said...

I don't if you've seen it but another uniquely inscribed and signed baseball by a Mantle makes a reference to one Marilyn Monroe.

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