Friday, May 29, 2009

Pro Football Hall of Fame - Clueless Book Signing

What's the #1 marketing goal for a museum? To sell memberships!

How do you sell memberships? You create more sales by bringing as many people as you can to your museum and providing the best possible experience for them. I have 4 great was the HOF can sell more memberships.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio is missing a great opportunity for people to visit their museum, buy a membership and keep coming back.
I received an email from the HOF this week about the Tony Dungy book signing and was excited to take the family. I'm not a huge Tony Dungy fan, I don't follow the Colts or Buccaneers, but I thought this would be a great experience, until I read more about the event and called the Hall of Fame.

The "free" Tony Dungy book signing event next week isn't free at all. To to get a Tony Dungy signature you must do the following:
  • Pay $10-$15 to get into the Museum store (paying to get in a store?).
  • Pay $15-$29 for one of Tony Dungy's books at their museum store (the books are $10 cheaper online).

I've been to several book signings and I have never been charged to:
1) walk through the doors of the store and
2) buy the book from them if I already have it.

The stores and museums I've been to for these events understand their goal is to bring people into the store/museum and get new memberships - not make a few dollars on a book or entrance into the store.

Four great ways they can sell more memberships! Think how much better would my experience be if:
  1. Entrance to the museum and book store was free while Tony Dungy was signing
  2. I could bring my own copy of Tony Dungy's book to get signed
  3. They offered a 10% discount to become a Hall of Fame Insider Club member
  4. Give all members first in line access to the Dungy book signing
Bring people in and show them a good time and you'll have loyal customers for life.

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