Sunday, May 31, 2009

Harvey Haddix 50 Yr. Anniversary - Not in the Cards

Can a museum really sell out of tickets? Apparently so.

I planned to attend the Clark County Historical Society's 50 Year Anniversary Celebration for Harvey Haddix. Thanks to Phungo for the heads-up last week.

Haddix pitched 12 1/3 innings of perfect baseball 50 years ago and is from the Springfield, Ohio area. The historical society was having some artifacts, guest speakers and such. I called Friday for more information and I was informed they were sold out?! WHAT?

How does a museum sell out? Think about - a non-profit organization, in a recession, is selling out of tickets? If you're a non-profit (or profit in this economy) you should never sell out of anything. You're leaving money on the table! Either move the event to a bigger venue or charge more money.

So... (yes I'm still grumpy about this), I planned to take the family and spend the afternoon in Springfield getting closer to baseball history and could not go because they stopped selling tickets! Amazing.


zman40 said...

That is strange. You wouldn't expect something like this to have a set number of tickets.

Speaking of 12 and a 1/3, did you hear about that U of Texas pitcher that came in in relief and pitched 12.1 innings before giving up a hit? He only needed 169 pitches to do it, too. Sounds like a crazy game:

deal said...

Absolute Bummer - I should of let you know how about this sooner - I meant to send off an email because I thought it may be in your area - then I got busy and forgot.

perhaps the exhibit will at least be there even though you could not make the event.

JRJ said...

@Zman40 - I read about that game. Ironic he does it on the Harvey Haddix weekend.

@deal - Thanks, but I should have called the society sooner. I can't imagine how many people read about it online and just arrived there thinking that it wouldn't be an issue. Thanks again for your help.