Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Super Bowl XLIV Experience CXL?

No more NFL Super Bowl Experience?! Fans in south Florida (home of his year's big game) must be upset over this.

The Beckett Blog reported this week the Super Bowl Experience for XLIV (44 if you're not Roman) has been canceled!

I've been to two of the SB Experiences and they are awesome. The Topps Card show is good, the autograph pavilion is run like a 3-ring circus most of the time, but the autographs are free, and there is so much to do there. I have picked up quite a few autographs at the shows including Todd McFarlane, Larry Johnson, Braylon Edwards, Chad Johnson, Roy Williams, and Archie Manning (pictured here in Arizona).

I emailed the NFL on Tuesday to get confirmation that the card show and Experience was canceled. I'll add to this post once I get a reply.


count said...

The NFL doesn't care about you or your poorly written blog. Don't hold your breath waiting on a response.

JRJ said...

Hi count,
I'm just trying to get confirmation that the event was canceled... not influence a decision.

Sorry you don't like the writing style - feel free to check out the blog roll. There are some good ones over there.

Thanks again and take care.