Sunday, May 3, 2009

Catch This - Gary Carter has a Blog

Mets great Gary Carter has a blog!

Carter, currently managing the Long Island Ducks, is blogging about his managing style, the prospects on his team, and even the two new ballparks in New York.

I know Gary's been a little too honest campaigning for the Mets manger position, but I still believe he's been treated poorly by the current Mets organization. Really, could he be any worse than managing two historic September collapses?

My Gary Carter autograph collection:

Thanks to BBTF for the link.


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deal said...

Is managing in the Atlantic League really a good path to managing in the Majors?

JRJ said...

Deal - I think Dave Trembley is the only one that went that path. Of course, that's not the best example either.