Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sports Locker Blog Influencing The National

People with The National are following this blog and I think it's great. Thanks for following everyone.

For months I've been emailing and calling folks at the National and asking them to join the facebook group I created. Facebook groups are great ways for corporations to keep a conversation going with people who really want more information and to share their experiences with people who have their same passion. (If you want more information about social media marketing, follow me on Twitter.)

The National never responded to my emails or phone calls . . . until I checked out their home page. Apparently, they thought it was a great idea to get in the game too so they started their own fan page on facebook to post press releases. It's not exactly the social part of social marketing, but it's a step in the right direction.

I think it's great whenever a company moves where their customers are talking about them. I'm not sure they understand the "social" part in social marketing otherwise they would have joined the page already created and answered my emails but I've learned that changes to social media take time. This is a good step for them.

So if you want a recap on their press releases, join their group. If you want to talk about the show, the autograph guest list (yawn so far), and share pictures, then join this facebook group.

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