Friday, January 4, 2008

Keep Your Mug to Yourself

I don't really care what other bloggers look like. To be honest, I prefer not to see other bloggers.

Yet some bloggers feel required to add their photo to the banner of their blogs and this is starting to bother me. If anyone reading your blog cared enough to know what you look like, then we'd check out your my space page. I don't know if these "photogenic" bloggers are:

  • Simulating their dreams of having a newspaper column,
  • Trying to make their local sports TV anchor jealous, or
  • Proving that all this time living in their mother's basement is actually improving their skin complexion.

Whatever the reason, please, please, please stop putting your face in the blog banner!

Having your photo on the blog doesn't prove to me that you are a real person, that your mom believes you look Brad Pitt, or that you grew out of your awkward stage. It tells me that you have a web cam and a low self-esteem.

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