Friday, January 2, 2009

Bill Buckner Needs a Bailout

Who is next in line for a Federal Government bailout? How about Bill Buckner?

An Idaho car dealership, Bill Buckner Dodge Chrysler Jeep, has closed according to Buckner’s attorney.

From the Idaho Statesman: The dealership sold Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. Buckner lent his name to the dealership, had a minority ownership, but according to his attorney did not have operational control.

This photo is from the Chicago Sun Times Autograph and Memorabilia show in November, 2008.




Interesting , a Chrysler /Dodge /Jeep dealer in Vermillion , Ohio , Andretti C/D/J , closed a few months ago. It's silent partner : Andretti Racing. Scary , because I work at a Chrysler dealer in Sandusky, Ohio. Also, read your comment to Fielder's Choice about the nationals in Cleveland. My two sons and I hope to be there too.

JRJ said...

BaseballDad - Doesn't John Elway have a ton of dealerships in the Denver area? I wonder how those are doing.

I'm starting to look forward to the National. The one in Clev. a couple of years ago was my first experience with it. What are you looking forward to most?


Hey! I don't know about John Elway , but I'm sure many of the smarter sports stars had been investing a lot of their money.Jim Thome was involved in a dealership in Aurora , Ohio at one time also.

I'm very interested in the history of Cleveland baseball and baseball in general so I like to go to shows looking for memorabilia. We also want to go down to Columbus to see the Clippers sometime this summer.Never got to Buffalo to a game.