Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Top 50 Sports Announcers - List Needs Some Work

Thanks to Baseball Think Factory for the link.
The American Sports Announcers Association came out with their Top 50 Sports Announcers of all-time list. These all-time type of lists are always interesting and stir discussions.

To start, I totally disagree with Bob Costas being ranked #6 ahead of Jim McKay and Keith Jackson.

I also don't like #31 Joe Buck and #35 Chris Berman ranked higher than Phil Rizzuto. Why is Berman even on this list?!!

How did Bill Walton get ranked higher than Pat Summerall and Harry Kalas. Personally, I think Kalas should be ranked #2!

Where is Verne Lundquist, Bob Murphy and Bob Uecker? I say dump Nantz, Berman and Buck for those guys.

Thanks to Awful Announcing Blog and Blue Heaven for posting the list.

1. Vin Scully
2. Mel Allen
3. Red Barber
4. Curt Gowdy
5. Howard Cosell
6. Bob Costas
7. Jim McKay
8. Keith Jackson
9. Al Michaels
10. Dick Enberg
11. Jack Buck
12. Ted Husing
13. Jack Brickhouse
14. Don Dunphy
15. Graham McNamee
16. Ernie Harwell
17. Marv Albert
18. Harry Caray
19. Jon Miller
20. Bill Stern
21. Chick Hearn
22. Marty Glickman
23. Jack Whitaker
24. Jim Nantz
25. Chris Schenkel
26. Lindsey Nelson
27. Russ Hodges
28. Ray Scott
29. John Madden
30. Bob Prince
31. Joe Buck
32. Milo Hamilton
33. Bob Wolff
34. Chuck Thompson
35. Chris Berman
36. Phil Rizzuto
37. Marty Brennaman
38. Clem McCarthy
39. Bill Walton
40. Foster Hewitt
41. Harry Kalas
42. Johnny Most
43. Bob Elson
44. Brent Musberger
45. Pat Summerall
46. Merle Harmon
47. Dick Vitale
48. Dick Stockton
49. Tony Kubek
50. Bud Collins


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

No Mike Lange?

night owl said...

Jim Nantz makes anything that he broadcasts unwatchable. Just grating. That goes double for Chris Berman. A no-talent clown.

The broadcasters listed Nos. 40 through 50 are great! I like almost all those guys.

Matt said...

Harry Kalas needs to be much higher than 41st!

The sewingmachineguy said...

Ernie Harwell announced a ball game the right way. He painted a picture with his words. The current Tigers announcer, Dan Dickerson, is a chip off the old Harwell block. The only bad thing about a tigers broadcast now is the color guy, Jim Price...just brutal.

Wax Heaven said...

I have been watching Bob Costas on the MLB network and he is a riot. First he told kids to skip school if the World Series is being played during the day and second he said to threaten to run away if your parents make you go to school instead of the game.