Monday, January 5, 2009

New Yankee Stars Were Slow Starters in '08

It was all smiles in December when the contracts were signed, but what will the back of the NY Post look like this May?

The Yanks have opened up the checkbooks and bought Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, and AJ Burnett for close to a half a billion dollars. As a Mets fan, I'm well aware that championships are won in September/October, but how will the media respond if the Yankees half billion dollar investment doesn't pay immediate dividends?

Based on last year's April and May statistics, the headline writer for the NY Post and NY Daily News could be busy.

Mark Teixiera
Through May, 2008 (54 games): Tex was hitting .271 with 7 home runs and 39 RBIs.

CC Sabathia
Through May, 2008 (12 starts): CC was 3-7 with a 4.73 ERA

AJ Burnett
Through May, 2008 (11 starts): AJ was 5-5 with a 4.56 ERA

Championships may be won in Sept/Oct, but the papers could get pretty interesting this spring. Seven home runs, and eight wins for three players worth half a billion dollars isn't what the Steinbrenner boys are expecting.


Anonymous said...

Last year was 2008, not 2007.

JRJ said...

You know, it would figure that I'd screw that up after crunching those numbers. Thanks for the heads-up.

In my defense, I think I live in a part of the country that has no idea what year it is. I swear I saw someone walking around the other day in a Michael Jackson jacket.

dayf said...

I can't wait to hear the panicking in the Bronx (they are still in the Bronx, right?) when these guys stink it up in April.

JRJ said...

You're right, it will be a panic if these guys start slow and I don't think Girardi will get the pass he received last year. After spending 1/2 Billion dollars - he may have the most pressure in baseball.