Sunday, February 8, 2009

101 ARod Rookie Cards at Beckett 10 Months Later

Remember Beckett bragging about this guy coming into their offices with his 101 ARod Rookies? I hope this guy was able to sell them!

I said at the time that I think Graded Card Investing makes zero sense. Pepper (at Beckett during the time) tried to convince me otherwise, but as you'll read here, he wasn't able to provide any examples of where someone made retirement on "graded card investing."

When you dip your toe in the graded card investing, you have a limited audience. Only so many people are going to want to buy those cards no matter what the latest Beckett magazine says. Now factor in a recession and a steroid drama . . . I think you're taking a hit on that investment now. At least if you invest in stocks/bonds/mutual funds you can always find a buyer and your investment doesn't hinge on the stupid actions of a baseball player.


Dave said...

Agreed. I have never purchased a graded card and most likely never will. Much rather get a slightly used one at a fraction of the price.

JRJ said...

Dave - I hear ya. I just did the same thing with a team set I was finishing.