Monday, February 16, 2009

Ricky Williams - 2nd Minor League Card

The other minor league baseball card I have of Ricky Williams is the Upper Deck: SP Top Prospects card from 1999.

Williams still played for Batavia at the time of this card.

Earlier this month I blogged about another minor league baseball card of Ricky Williams.


Wax Heaven said...

It's really sad he completely squandered his talent.

Did he play in 2009?

JRJ said...

Sad and such a waste. I hope he's pulled his life together now.

Ricky Williams actually had a productive season last year with the Dolphins. He rushed for nearly 700 yds and scored 4 times. It was his first 16 game season since 2003!

For all of his flaws, he must be doing something right to stay on a Parcells/Sparano team.

Wax Heaven said...

Not a football fan so you will have to help me...

Isn't 2000 yards rushing attainable? Also, 4 touchdowns seems really low.

Compare him to a baseball player. Is he Frank Thomas in his prime, or Ozzie Guillen near the end of his career?

JRJ said...

You're probably thinking of 1,000 yard RBs... 2,000 has only been done 5 times. 1,000yds is attainable by a starting RB and some back-ups. Rickey's in that RB category these days.

I think Rickey's near the end (or sooner if he can't stay clean). I'd compare him to today's Trevor Hoffman (of course Rickey's not a future HOFer). Hoffman can come in and get the job done should save 35 games for the Brewers, but he's at a point where he can't be expected to get 50+ saves. Williams can do the job in limited duty (again, if he stays away from the hippie lettuce).