Thursday, February 19, 2009

1971 Topps Team Set Complete

I completed my 1971 Cowboys Team Set this week with a purchase on eBay.

Cards in the team set include: Walt Garrison, Lee Roy Jordan, Duane Thomas, Ralph Neeley, Mel Renfro, Bob Lilly, Billy Truax, Craig Morton, Bob Hayes, Calvin Hill, and Chuck Howley.

That's three Hall of Famers, multiple Super Bowl starts, a Super Bowl MVP, and four Ring of Honor players.

I like the trivia on the back of the cards, "Walt Garrison's hobbies include going to rodeos!" Yee haw.
I'd like to see some of these players come up to Canton for Bullet Bob Hayes' induction into the Hall of Fame. I'm sure it would be a nice touch for the Hayes family to have some of his former teammates in attendance.

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