Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alex Escobar 1999 SP Top Prospects

The news of Fernando Martinez's injury has me thinking of Alex Escobar. I hope F-Mart doesn't turn into another "Escobar."

Alex was the jewel of the Mets farm system in the early '90s. I was so sure Alex Escobar was going to be the next Darryl Strawberry (sans drugs) that I bought this 1999 Autograph SP Top Prospects card.
Escobar was said to have speed, defensive, power and was supposed to be the centerpiece of the Mets rebuilding project. After a September call-up in 2001, Escobar was the key trade-bait that brought Roberto Alomar from Cleveland to the NY Mets.

During the 2002 Indians spring training, Escobar blew out his knee which cost him the 2002 season. Since the Escobar has been with Cleveland, the Chicago White Sox and Washington Nationals fighting injuries every step of the way.

Can F-Mart get healthy enough to have a good showing for the Mets this spring training? I hope so - I'd like to see what he can do during spring training against major league pitching.

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