Monday, February 9, 2009

1985 Topps Pete Rose Set - My Own DaVinci Code!

Maybe it's not Dan Brown quality, but I'm totally geeked about the Pete Rose 1985 Topps image that is created with the back of the cards.

I was going through the 1985 Topps Pete Rose set I bought from the good people at the Project '62 Blog when I noticed the background was different on some of the cards. (I know, I'll never be confused with Dr. Robert Langdon.)

I pieced together cards #91-120 to get this image. Pretty cool! If you have the set, the cards should be placed right to left: 91-96, 97-102, 103-108, 109-114, and 115-120.


gritz76 said...

Cool, I've been to lazy to put it together but I wanted to see it so thanks!

JRJ said...

Thanks gritz76 - I thought it was pretty cool too. I like seeing all the cards together like that.