Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blake Griffin and Tyler Hansbrough Autographs at The National?

Panini America's twitter feed announced Friday that Blake Griffin and Tyler Hansbrough will be signing for them at the National Sports Collector's Convention.

Does that mean it's a public signing at their booth?

If so, I can't imagine you can bring your own item to get signed, but Panini would probably have promo cards with the players signing them (if this is a public event).

I sent a twitter reply to Panini America (@PaniniAmerica) asking for clarification. I'll update this post when I get clarification.

I'll be twittering from the National Wednesday night, Saturday and Sunday. You can follow me or follow all the National Sports Collector's Convention twitter updates with #NSCCShow. More on how to follow the National hashtag #NSCCShow here.

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