Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lenny Dykstra Files for Bankruptcy

The economic recession has taken down the Len Dykstra empire.

"Nails" was featured on HBO's Real Sports a few years ago and interviewed by Bernard Goldberg. Lenny seemed to be on top of the world with the sale of his car wash business, the beginning of his player's only magazine, and an economic empire that could handle just about any financial curve ball.

Today, Lenny is out on strikes after seeking Chapter 11 protection.

I was a big Lenny Dykstra fan. He was such a catalyst on the '86 Mets. His home run start off Game 3 in Boston (in my opinion) saved the series for New York.

I met Lenny about 2 years ago at an MAB show in New Jersey. He had more people in line to get his autograph than any other guest. Maybe we'll be seeing more of Lenny on the autograph circuit now?

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deal said...

Also a big "Nails" fan. I always figured his "fortune" was celebrity related - essentiallly he made money for tv/net spots. and now those opportunities have dried up and I am sure being sued for divorce can eat up ones cash. From what I understand Lenny was pretty good at spending the cash too. I think he could offer something as a coach and perhaps coaching may be good for Lenny too. slow him down a bit.