Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your National Sports Collectors Convention Checklist

If a fanny pack is your thing, then Velcro it to your Hammer pants this week for the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Personally, I break out the JCPenny back-to-school back-pack when attending card/autograph shows and I'll definitely be in the spirit for this week's National.

The Voice of the Collector Blog had a cool Do's and Don'ts list last week.

Here's my packing list for the 2009 National in Cleveland:

  • extra Official MLB baseball (you never know who you'll see walking around)
  • cards you'd like to get signed if you see someone
  • mini helmet of your football team
  • bottle of water
  • meal/granola bars (food is always expensive and it tastes as good 7-Eleven hot dogs.)
  • pens and sharpies
  • hand sanitizer (apply, apply, apply)
  • digital camera (again, you never know who you'll see walking around or at a booth)
  • pad of paper (take notes on the prices/products you see so you can comparison shop)
  • cards you'd like to trade
  • eBay pricing (know the price of your wish list before you go)

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