Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mets Gary Carter is My New BFF!

Former Mets great Gary Carter is still taking my questions on his Long Island Ducks blog. I asked him in the comments section a few weeks ago who he would choose to run a young, up and coming team. Last week he responded.

A week earlier he responded to my criticism of his "Ultimate Team List."

I give Gary a ton of credit. He could be like other high ranking players who have (tried to) run blogs and never react to the questions or comments. [cough, Pete Rose, cough]

Gary Carter, or at least someone close to Gary Carter, reads the comments and responds. Gary is really using social media to be transparent and connect with the readers. He's using his blog to make a connection to me and other readers he's responded to.

Nice job Gary Carter... my BFF 4-Ever. Now if I can just get him to return my text messages..... :)

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