Monday, July 6, 2009

Studio Cards Were Like Awkward Family Photos

I never liked the '91 Studio Leaf cards. Why do I want an awkward family photo or high school graduation photo on my baseball card? It looks like the bat is stuck to Howard Johnson's face.

I want the photo of HoJo hitting or stealing a base... or triple clutching and throwing it in the dirt.

The only thing I found interesting about this card was the back: "Hobbies & Interests: Likes deep sea fishing...enjoys R&B and soul music...likes to watch Gilligan's Island reruns...collects fish. Hero Jesus.

How do you collect fish? You mean a fish tank? And who doesn't watch Gilligan's Island reruns - I thought they were all reruns at this point.


Joe S. said...

I'm the opposite - I liked Studio. Probably because I was 10 and it was different than the normal crap that was available. In fact, I'm just a few cards from completing the '92 set and can't wait to display what you so accurately called a "yearbook"!!!

Tom said...

I've always liked the '91 Studio cards. I spent a good chunk of my student loan money on cards and quite a few of the packs I bought back then were these.

I also collect

JRJ said...

I'm clearly in the minority on this one!

Although I do like Gilligan's Island reruns!