Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Stats on the Back of Baseball Cards?

We've grown accustom to seeing batting average, home runs, RBI, SB, wins, Losses, Saves, and ERA stats on the back of baseball cards. could this be changing?

Will we soon see stats that measure a right fielders arm, accuracy, and speed to reach a ground ball? Which short-stop has the greatest range?

On Saturday, July 11, a group of baseball executives will be presented with data captured from a new camera and software system which records the exact speed and location of the ball and every player on the field. The system has been tested this season in San Francisco and may roll out to every team in 2010!

I didn't like this part of the article:
"The data could be made available to the public on a subscription basis, Bowman said, although what data is released and in what form could be affected by clubs’ competitive concerns."

I don't want to see teams choosing which stats to release to the public. This should be available to everyone. Baseball is a game of stats and we don't need a gate-keeper telling us which ones we are allowed to receive.

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