Friday, July 3, 2009

Carlton Fisk Autograph Cancellation - No Problem for CSA Shows

If you've attended an autograph show, then you know that anything can happen with the autograph guests. Players can be late for their own signings and sometimes they cancel at the last minute leaving you to scramble for a refund from the show promoter.

CSA Shows is taking guest canceling to a new level. Carlton Fisk recently canceled at the Chantily, VA based show for his July 12 appearance. If you ordered an advance ticket you can get a refund, an exchange or a special offer. For every one Carlton Fisk advanced ticket you purchased, you can 2 Jim Rice autograph tickets or 3 Andre Dawson tickets!

Fisk baseball autographs were $75 a piece. Rice autograph baseball tickets are $55 a piece and Andre Dawson autograph baseball tickets are $30 a piece. Obviously you are getting a real value for the exchange. This is a great job by CSA Shows.

The summer CSA Show is July 10, 11, and 12. You can also follow the show promoter on twitter: @CSAShows.


csd said...

I wish they would have a show like that around here. It seems to be a dead zone.

'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

I like Fisk, but I would take 3 auto's from 'The Hawk' over 1 from Carlton Fisk any day!!!

JRJ said...

@csd - I know what you mean. I ended up driving to the CSA show once or twice a year. They do a great job... at least I have the National close by this year.

@30 Year Old Cardboard - All three guys are awesome. It's a great deal offered by CSA, I definitely wouldn't feel too bad if I was holding the canceled Fisk autograph ticket.