Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pete Rose - Still Waiting for Bud Selig to Flip a Coin

During a question and answer session with the Baseball writers on Tuesday, Bud Selig said the Pete Rose reinstatement case "is under review."

My opinion is probably in the minority, but I'm a big Pete fan and I think he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

However I think the majority of fans believe Bud Selig should rule on the reinstatement case.

For twelve years, the appeal file has sat in Selig's in-box! I don't think it's fair for any judge or ruling body to receive an appeal or reinstatement case and then not make a decision on it for over a decade.

Bud Selig needs to rule on the Pete Rose case and be done with it.


not happy in Greeley said...

The use of steroids has done more damage to professional baseball than Pete Rose's gambling. Pete Rose is still paying the price but the MLB authorities let the steroid monsters back in the game without even adjusting their stats. Pete Rose deserves the Hall of Fame for his playing abilility. You can ban him on the coaching level.

JRJ said...

@Not happy - I agree with you. It's an interesting arguement... Pete's crime didn't affect the #s he produced. Steroid users did affect #s, MVP awards, etc. Both are wrong, but only one of them seems to getting punishment. I think Selig should at least rule on the case.

Matt said...

Personally, I think Pete Rose is a boob, a great player, but not exactly a dignified role model. I do not think he should be reinstated, but I also think he deserves to be in the Hall. The Hall could change its rules to allow for ineligable players to appear on the ballot, which would make more sense than Selig going back on precident.