Thursday, July 16, 2009

The National Sports Collector's Convention Floor Plan

It's a good idea to know where things are when you get to the National. The IX Center in Cleveland is pretty big and this floor plan should help out.

As you walk in (left side of pdf), you immediately start to see all of the dealer tables. If you haven't been to a National before, it's almost overwhelming when you first walk in. I recommend taking your time and look through each row - you never know what you'll find.

Along the left side of the IX Center (top of pdf) you'll find the Corporate area. Here you'll see booths for Topps, Upper Deck, Beckett, Sports Card Forum and more.

At the end of the IX Center from where you entered (right side of pdf) is the TriStar autograph pavilion, autograph ticket booth, and photo area. This area will get really crowded on Saturday and Sunday as the big name guests arrive.
Unless you have an autograph ticket, I'd recommend staying away from this side of the IX Center. The player lines are so long you really can't get a good view of them. Unless you have a great camera with a powerful zoom, you really can't get a good picture of the athlete signing autographs.

On the right side of the IX Center from where you entered (bottom of the pdf) are the snack, bathroom, and resting areas. I recommend bringing meal bars and your own bottled water.
Hopefully this map can be your plan of attack for getting the most out of this year's National Sports Collector's Convention.
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