Friday, July 3, 2009

The National is Almost Here - Join the Facebook Group

I'm really starting to look forward to the National Sports Collectors Convention (the National) later this month. I usually go for the autographs, but I'm not thrilled with the Tri-Star autograph line-up this year. They have some big names, but not really players I'm chasing.

This year, I'm looking to get more cards than autographs. I'm hoping to add to my '62 Topps Mets team set and my '52 Bowman Small Texans team set.

Don't forget to join the National Facebook group I created in the winter. I've eliminated some recent spammers and posted some new information about events going on at the National. Hopefully we get a meet-up going too. If nothing else, share a beverage at the convention or some place nearby.

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