Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is This What the Olympics Are About?

This is a picture of the Spanish Olympic Basketball team posing for a picture with "slant eyes." Unbelievable.

An event that is supposed to bring the world closer together, promote racial and cultural harmony has a basketball team full adults, demonstrating immature child-like behavior that elementary school parents would be ashamed to see.

But it didn't happen in someone's house. It happened on the world's biggest sporting stage and one of Spain's greatest actors (in this case), Paul Gasol, also happens to play for the NBA's marquee team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Here's a link to the Yahoo Sports article which has links to a Spanish Newspaper which is actually debating if the ad is offensive.

Nice job guys, if you think this behavior is acceptable, then you are missing the point of the Olympics.


desert plume said...

Their clueless remarks after doing this are almost worse than the pose itself. There's a mild racist undercurrent toward the Chinese showing up in many facets of Olympic coverage, for sure.

JRJ said...

Desert Plume - Right on! And I think Jason Kidd made the great point yesterday (or whatever day it was in China) that if the USA team had done that, they'd all be suspended.

Thanks for stopping by.