Monday, August 25, 2008

Todd McFarlane Autographs

I'm not a huge Todd McFarlane sports figures collector anymore, but I still admire Todd's art and creativity.

At the Super Bowl 42 Experience Todd signed at the Topps Autograph Pavilion. Here's a picture of his autograph on one of his Spider Man comics. I think this is an awesome cover and Todd signed it with a green marker. The autograph really stands out.

Every time I've met Todd he's been really cool - - he's also been really late for his autograph time! But he's always been really nice, so you end up forgetting that he was late.


Gellman said...

His first comic was actually Amazing Spider-man #298. That is the mini-series that he did. Both are very good, and the cover for the other comic looks awful. It has a white background, I have 2 or three of them.

JRJ said...

I knew I'd screw that up!
Thanks for the correction.